Getting a pair of shoes repaired today is getting harder and harder to do. The old fashioned shoe repair shops are closing everywhere. We are lucky in Mountain-Top to have a craftsman like those of Gino’s, who oversees the lost art of shoe repair. They have not only the knowledge of fitting us with the best shoes from work, dress to orthotics but they also carry on the craft of shoe and leather repair.  Most chain stores don’t have the ability to offer this soon to becoming lost service to their customers. But knowledgeable craftsman at Gino’s know that providing the ability to add a new leather or top-grade synthetic sole or heel to a pair of shoes can help their customers get a few more months or even years out of a well fitting product.

From putting on a new sole for your shoes to fixing a leather purse or satchel, the craftsmen at Gino’s can make your tired and worn leather goods look like new and last you for a few years to come.

It is this type of customer service that keeps people from not only Mountain-Top but from the surrounding areas coming to Ginos for many of their leather repairs.